The Loden Foundation was one of the first organizations to support children at school in Bhutan by providing costs for uniforms, stationeries, sports gear, etc. Although school education in Bhutan is state financed, such extra costs can be often too heavy a burden for rural families whose livelihoods are based on subsistence farming. Since 2012, Loden Foundation supports deserving students for higher education . It has also been a pioneer in starting and operating Early Learning Centers for young children in far flung areas. At the core of all our education initiative is the concept that knowledge is without an owner and everyone is entitled to it. We believe that financial cost should never be a barrier between a child and their education or an obstacle between a young person and their dreams. Driven by this simple belief, we initiated our child sponsorship and youth scholarship programs. Additionally, to ensure that children in rural Bhutan are not left behind due to a lack of access to early learning facilities, we started our Early Learning Centre Program. Then, to share the knowledge of our foremost figures, thought leaders and change makers, we initiated Bhutan Dialogues, to invigorate development thinking and refine our ideas and the pursuit of human progress. To read more about the programmes under Loden Education Initiatives, click on the tabs above.