Bhutan Dialogues was conceived and launched in collaboration with the United Nations in Bhutan with the objective of creating a forum for civil conversations, mindful listening, right speech, in-depth discussions, and cordial debates. It is an attempt to put into practice the priceless ancient Bhutanese advice that the deliberation of three average brains is better than the idea of a lone best brain.

What we need urgently today is not a way to provide more knowledge and information but the wisdom to analyse and understand knowledge, to sort and digest knowledge and information in a useful manner, and to restrain from producing useless and harmful information. Through this forum we have invited thought leaders and development experts, people who hold insight in our pressing issues, have endeavoured to find solutions, and made a difference to shape their world, and by sharing their stories, their ideas and habits, we hoped to inspire and inform the youth, which constitutes the major bulk of our population.

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