The Loden Foundation is governed by its Board of Trustees, which is composed of well-reputed individuals who have volunteered to become Trustees free of cost. The board oversees Loden’s operations, ensuring that the public's trust is upheld, community needs are addressed, the practices are ethical, and legal requirements are met.

  • Till Frischmuth, volunteer
  • Kitsho Pelma Wangdi, volunteer
  • Caroline Bojadjian, volunteer
  • Zoltan Valsicsak, volunteer
  • Divya Gurung, volunteer
  • Tashi Wangyal, former trustee
  • Dechen Chime, former trustee
  • Tshewang Jurme, volunteer
  • Thinley Delma, former trustee
  • Sonam Wangdi, former voluntary webmaster
  • Sonam Tenzin, former voluntary webmaster
  • Wangchuk, former volunteer
  • Yeone Wei-Chih Moser, former trustee and director
  • Edward Davies, former trustee and secretary
  • Dawa Dem, former trustee
  • Isabelle Onians, former trustee
  • Alexandra von Eldik, trustee and Social Secretary
  • Phub Rinzin , former voluntary webmaster
  • Anthony Aris, former trustee
  • Elizabeth Chatwin, former trustee
  • William Douglas, former trustee
  • Colin Franklin, former trustee
  • Mark Porter, former voluntary webmaster
  • Sanya Smith, former voluntary secretary
  • Richard Whitecross, former voluntary legal advisor
  • Sarah Norman, former voluntary secretary

The Loden Foundation actively encourages volunteering from people who have the skill sets and experience required to further our work and objectives. We do not pay for any travel or other out of pocket expenses and visits to Bhutan without paying the daily tariff of $250 can only be arranged where volunteers can demonstrate a significant contribution to our work.

Please refer to our volunteering guidelines and if you think you meet our criteria. Contact for further details.

Loden Foundation is also available to meet visitors to Bhutan who wish to know more about our work.