Driven by our belief that knowledge is without an owner and everyone is entitled to it, we started our Youth Scholarship Programme in 2012 to ensure that cost would never be a barrier between a young person and their education.

Despite the state’s best efforts to accommodate all the high school graduates into government funded colleges and technical training institutes, more than half of the applicants are not fortunate enough to get this opportunity. Only a few of these high school graduates come from families who can afford to send them to private colleges within and outside Bhutan.

We provide financial support and educational guidance to deserving youth who, despite possessing the drive and academic merit, are unable to pursue their higher education because they lack the funds. Considered to be a ‘turning point’, college is a critical stage in a young person’s life. Our programme ensures that deserving youth are not deprived of good opportunities during these formative years.

In addition to good grades, students are selected based on the course they wish to study. Priority is given to students who wish to pursue undergraduate courses that have higher chances of employability. Loden also sets the priority for courses to fill critical gaps in Bhutan’s workforce. For example, in the past, we prioritized students who chose to study medical courses.

As of 2021, Loden has provided scholarships to 69 students for their higher education.


How can you support?

We generally allocate Nu. 200,000/- each year to cover the scholarship cost for one year. It usually takes about 3-4 years to complete a general undergraduate degree and 5-6 years to complete a medical degree.
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