My parents are both farmers and I have two brothers and a sister. We grew up in a hard working farming family and while life was simple we did go through hardships most of which were due to financial constraints, especially to continue education. So, this helped me to realize the value of education and that I can have a comfortable life and also give the same to my family if I study hard. My journey began when my parents enrolled me in school and I am very thankful to them for carving a path towards a better future and I must also thank my teachers for leading me through the journey. I studied mostly in Paro but came to Thimphu in 2013 to continue high school. In 2015, I graduated high school and I know I studied hard and gave it my best but unfortunately, I did not get the overall percentage required to get into a government college.

I think it was because of the blessings from KenCho-Sum (triple gem), guidance from my parents and trust from Loden that I managed to get a scholarship to study business in my dream college – Gedu College of Business Studies. I studied hard at college, took part in other educational activities and read as much as I could. So, I graduated in 2018 and everyone encouraged me to sit for the Royal Civil Service Examination including my parents. I am really happy that I attained 11th position nation-wide and secured a year-long Post Graduate in Financial Management (PGDFM) course at the Royal Institute of Management.

Today, I have completed my course and my journey as an Assistant Customs Officer in Paro under the Finance Ministry has begun. I thank Loden and its supporters for believing in me and all I can do is to promise that I will pay back by with dedication and integrity for TSA-WA-SUM our King, Country and People.

Chencho Dorji

Assistant Customs Officer

Ministry of Finance