Child sponsorship was the first project of the Loden Foundation. Loden started as a programme to link potential sponsors with poor children who would otherwise drop out of school just because their families could not afford their school uniform or a few books.

Loden receives applications from children, parents and guardians all year round, requesting financial support to pay for school expenses. We also work closely with focal teachers and individuals across the country to increase our reach and ensure that the most deserving children receive support. Once we receive the application for sponsorship, our dedicated team reviews the application, paying close attention to the living conditions and income level of the family. The information is then further validated by the head of the school and the local leader in the Dzongkhag.

Your support helps in purchasing stationery, uniforms, shoes, sports gear, umbrellas/rain jackets, and any other school-related expenses. The cost for each child is usually to the focal persons, usually a teacher in the same school, who makes sure that the money is used only for the above costs. The expenditure is further validated through a submission of money receipts or bills from the shops.

Overall, our work is two-fold: we find either a sponsor or a child as requested; and then channel and administer the funds efficiently. With your generous donation, we want to ensure that these children continue their education and achieve their full potential.

We offer the following support schemes so that anyone can become a sponsor with us:

Once a child is enrolled in the child sponsorship programme, we want to make sure that we see this through. For instance, if a child in the Pre-Primary level is accepted, we wish to support the child until s/he graduates from High School.
Therefore, we look for donors who can commit to this but we do appreciate any form of support.

When you sponsor a child with us, you are also helping their parents and in raising a responsible citizen. To ensure that you are always aware of how your generous donation is being used, we will communicate with you all year round.
We will:

Once you become a child sponsorship donor, you will become a part of the Loden community and will be invited to various events. Join our community now!

To sponsor a child or to apply for a sponsorship, contact our Programme Officer, Mr. Penchela at or call +975-7719-5588