Traditionally, economic activity in Bhutan centered on farming and trading. However, in today’s world, such activities cannot add sufficient value, produce economic growth or provide employment to the increasing number of educated and intelligent young people entering the workforce. Keeping this in mind, we realized that the development of a vibrant culture of entrepreneurship can meet these needs. Thus, we designed our entrepreneurship programme is to promote and encourage entrepreneurial activity, while maintaining social and ethical responsibility. The Loden Entrepreneurship Programme (LEP) started in 2008 when Loden began supporting aspiring entrepreneurs through interest and collateral-free loans. Since then, we have funded over 200 entrepreneurs. Then, in 2014, we expanded our efforts beyond financial support and explored entrepreneurial capacity building in education institutions. This initiative to plant ideas in young minds has become what we know today as the Loden SEED (Student Empowerment through Entrepreneurship Development) Programme. Once entrepreneurs join the Loden family, they can avail continuous support through the mentorship programme and resource centre. Click on the tabs above to read more about the activities under the Loden Entrepreneurship Programme.