In 2008, Loden began supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in Bhutan through interest and collateral-free loans. Today, Loden has supported over 200 entrepreneurs in Bhutan in a wide range of sectors. We have done so through support from our generous donors and partnership with other organizations through various funding windows.

The Loden Entrepreneurship Programme (LEP) offers interest and collateral-free loans that are repayable over three years after an initial 3 – 6 months repayment holiday. The repayment term will be linked to the nature of the business; for instance, the period can be extended to a year for an agricultural proposal with a growing and maturity cycle. Most types of business will be considered for support, whether in service, farming or manufacturing sectors, provided they comply with Buddhist principles and are expected to create employment opportunities.

Selected business ideas can avail of loans up to a maximum of BTN 1.5 million. Although no security is sought, we do require a guarantor.

The ‘Call for Business Proposals’ are made twice yearly, around Spring and Fall seasons. Aspiring Bhutanese entrepreneurs are invited to submit business proposals and other necessary documents listed in the detailed announcement during this time. Business proposals are reviewed and shortlisted by a panel of judges comprising Bhutanese and international business experts. The final shortlisted applicants are then called for a final round of interviews.

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