Contact Info

  • Phone No. 17732618
  • Email:

Business Info

  • Name: Druk Kharay (Face Mask)
  • Business Category: Manufacturing
  • Location: Wangdue Phodrang
  • Service Provided: Production of locally-made face mask


Dargay is a 27-year-old tailor based in Bajo town, Wangdue Phodrang. When he came across the Loden-UNDP call for business proposal, he saw in it an opportunity to contribute to the country’s COVID-19 response efforts.

As a tailor, the idea of making Kharay (facemasks) came naturally to him. Dargay’s face masks will be double-layered and come with traditional designs. “I hope my contribution will help reduce the import of face masks and prevent the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

Dragay will sell the facemasks at a minimal cost. He also wishes to distribute free of cost in three communities of Ada Rokha, Taksha and Bey Langdra in Wangdue as part of his social responsibility.