Deepen Raj Ghalley

Deepen's Ornamental Fish Farm

Deepens ornamental fish farm is a privately registered ornamental fish farming business owned by Samtse Dzongkhag’s young entrepreneur Mr. Deepen Raj Ghalley. Mr. Deep Raj Ghalley has a BBA and has worked in the fish and breeding industry for over two years. He is so dedicated to farming that he works for it most of his time. He has set up his ornamental fish farming in Norbugang, Samtse Dzongkhag.

With this project, he hopes to improve the socio-economic standing of farmers and rural youths in agriculture-related industries. Because it provides an excellent opportunity for income generation, it contributes to self-sufficiency, is environmentally friendly, and meets the needs of the underprivileged by employing them.

Contact Information

  • 17970713