The Loden Cultural Program aims to preserve and pass on the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan through the development of an extensive repository of Bhutan's oral and written cultures and thereby transmitting Bhutan's ancient knowledge and wisdom across generations. The programme focuses on the documentation and study of Bhutan’s written and oral traditions. Our cultural programme has put us at the forefront of the documentation and study of Bhutan’s cultural heritage. The programme currently has three components: Written heritage; Oral traditions; and Arts and architecture. Preservation efforts began in 2013 when the Shejun Agency, now merged with Loden, embarked on an ambitious project to conduct a nationwide cultural documentation programme. Since then, we have recorded 3,257 hours of living cultural items, 120,000 raw pictures out of which 36,000 are catalogued with metadata and brief descriptions. About 7,000 place names are collected out of which 4,914 include metadata. over 1,000 cultural subjects are identified and described, and some 250 essays have been written. Loden’s cultural programme thus aims to preserve Bhutan's cultural heritage while simultaneously promoting our culture by providing free-access for research and educational purposes. A NEW WEBSITE IS BEING DEVELOPED FOR OUR CULTURAL PROGRAMME, WHICH WILL BE LINKED HERE. STAY TUNED!