The cultures of Bhutan are today changing fast, and many of them are vanishing. Loden has been at the forefront of documenting and studying Bhutan’s cultural heritage. With the dual aim of preserving Bhutan’s cultural knowledge in digital recordings and leveraging ancient cultures for the development of Bhutan, Loden’s culture programme currently has three components: written heritage, oral traditions and, arts and architecture.

Bhutan has a lot of far-flung temples and monasteries today representing a literary treasure trove that are still unexplored.

In an effort to preserve and promote Bhutan’s written heritage, Loden has been digitising manuscripts in temples and family archives. This helps both preserve the rare manuscripts and also make copies available to scholars and religious persons.

With changes in lifestyle and language, many traditional artefacts and practices are also becoming obselete or forgotten. We have photographed these old objects and cultures to preserve the memory of Bhutan’s past.