Yeshi Paldon is from Chamkhar in Bumthang. After attending several career counselling sessions, Yeshi found her vocation in nursing and pursued a degree in Nursing at RTC, where she built her zest for learning as well as the mental and emotional tenacity to become a nurse. Unfortunately, she had to leave college and discontinue her studies after she lost her father to a road accident – leaving her and her three siblings to be raised alone by their mother who is unemployed. The family did not have any relatives to help them financially, nor did they have any assets to sell or ability to take any more loans. After failing to receive any financial aid for her education, Yeshi was on the verge of giving up on her dream to become a nurse until she received the Loden Scholarship. And once again, despite all the hardships, she was able to revive her aspiration and make her way to become a nurse one day.