Contact Info

  • Phone No. 17 11 12 13
  • Email:

Business Info

  • Name: Greener Way
  • Business Category: Environment
  • Location: Thimphu
  • Service Provided: collection of waste


Karma of Greener Way, Bhutan’s first waste management company, boasts of more than 10 years of experience in waste management. Greener Way collects waste from central Thim Throm and has more than 70 employees.

In the wake of global COVID-19 pandemic and increasing number of quarantine facilities in the country - particularly in Thimphu, Greener Way has volunteered and started working closely with the Ministry of Health and Thimphu Thromde on a plan to take care of the infectious waste coming out from the quarantine facilities and clinics.

Through this support, Greener Way will buy a designated vehicle for the collection of wastes from the quarantine facilities in Thimphu.