After high school I could not pursue further studies
because of financial constraints. My father is my
mentor and he guided me in every possible journey
of my life. He is a beneficiary of Loden and got
interest and collateral free loan in 2015. Since then
I worked with him to grow asparagus seedlings in
Tang, Bumthang and gained many experiences.
Following on my father’s foot steps, I decided to
do something on my own rather than looking for
a job. Therefore, in 2017 I started to learn how to
make dry cheese and in 2019, I was provided loan
from Loden to start my own business. I am very
excited to take this path because I am the second
generation of Loden entrepreneur and I know Loden
provides support other than just financial access.

Traditional dry cheese making is commonly
practiced throughout Bhutan and is not an
innovative business idea but I am focusing on
high quality chogos. I do custom sizes depending
on the demand. Besides the dry hard cheese, I
also produce paneer cheese mainly for porridge. I
don’t raise cattle in my business because there is a
farmer’s cooperative in my villages that collects milk
from all farmers and I buy milk from group.

Sangay Penjor
Traditional Dry Cheese

This startup is funded through Loden-SSB funding