I have never liked the idea of being in an average
job but wanted to do something different. Going
back to where I grew up to start a business was
something I never thought about but a while
after completing graduation from college I started
thinking about it. I thought that I am one of the few
young people who actually make it through college
from my village and I must do something to set an
example. That’s when I thought of going back to my
village in Soe, Jomolhari to start a high-end cafe.

I thought of a cafe business but I was stuck in a rut
since I lacked capital but then I heard about the
Loden Foundation’s loan scheme. This is where my
journey starts and that of the first-ever high end
café on the highlands among the nomads. Once,
I have complete setting up the cafe I can offer
hospitality service to the international trekkers
and local travellers. The café will be located at
4,000 meters above sea level and near majestic Mt.
Jomolhari and Jichu Drakey. It is not just about the
best coffee we serve but also its unique location
and fantastic view. I am also thinking of serving
local snacks made from organic local ingredients to
promote local culture and tradition and many other
things – the possibilities are endless!

Sonam Rinchen
Jomolhari Cafe

This startup is funded through Loden-Bhutan
Foundation funding window