The Loden Foundation is pleased to announce the selected entrepreneurs for the Loden Spring Call 2024 for Business Proposals following the selection interview that was held at the Loden office from the 9th till the 10th of May 2024.

Selected Candidates For the Loden Spring Call for Business Proposal

NameBusiness Name
Pema YudenGiggles Learning Center (ECCD)
Karma ZangmoKarma Stitch House
Pema TshewangDruk Pineapples
Ugyen PenjorFurniture and Glassfiber Products
Bidyash ChhetriGurjo Herbal Tea
Tashi Lham DukpaTashi’Bakery

Selected Candidates for the Loden Creative Sector Funding Window 

NameBusiness Name
Thinley PenjorRadio Valley 99.9 FM – Phuntsholing
Jamyang DorjiJamyang Loknyen

All further steps for the selected candidate will be communicated by email and telephone. For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact our Loden Entrepreneurship Programme Officer – (Mr Karma Losel Yangnyen) at 77195599 during office hours or email him at 

For those who weren’t selected, we’d like to extend our encouragement to persist in pursuing your entrepreneurial aspirations. We understand that embarking on a business venture presents its challenges, yet it also promises great rewards. We sincerely hope that this setback doesn’t deter you. With determination, diligence, and innovation, we believe you can still realize your ambitions.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for our program, and we sincerely wish you success in your future pursuits. Should you wish to reapply, our next opportunity for business proposals will be in the Fall of 2024.