On October 25, ICHCAP under the auspices of UNESCO in South Korea announced to hold ‘ichLinks Open archive photo contest’ with participants from all over the world.

ichLinks Open Archive aims to serve as a channel for discovering and sharing ICH stories about our daily lives from a variety of public perspectives. The goal of the Open Archive photo contest was to highlight stories of intangible cultural heritage with various aspects and the value of cultural diversity.

ICHCAP began this competition with the expectation that it would help raise public awareness of ICH in their daily lives, which would lead to ICH safeguarding.

The Loden Culture programme submitted several images that met the criteria and were relevant to the content of the contest.

After successfully making it to the Top Ten, Loden was awarded the First Prize.

The ICHCAP team expressed gratitude and warm regards to the Loden Foundation for our dedication and contributions to safeguarding Bhutan’s rich Inatangible Cultural Heritage.