Tshering Yangzom

Café Delish

Tshering has worked in a bakery (Om Bakery, Thimphu) and a café (Meraki Café, Thimphu). She has a high school diploma and works as a home-based baker. She has operated a home-based cake and pastries business in Tsirang since November 2020.

Tshering observes that, despite Tsirang’s reputation for agricultural product output, there are no facilities for people to congregate, interact, and eat delicious meals—Tshering aimed to provide community residents with high-quality, sustainable, and healthful soul food.

She intends to run her business by leveraging locally produced goods readily available in the area, thereby reducing the amount of packaged and canned food.

Contact Information

  • 17389080
  • tshreeyang@gmail.com