Workshop on Buddhist Values in Business completed successfully in Brussels


28 November,
A workshop on Buddhist values in Business and its relevance for Europe was held in Brussels during the weekend of 24-25 November. The workshop attracted a rich mix of entrepreneurs, business experts, academics and policy makers from Asia, Europe and America. With the European and US economy still struggling from the recession triggered by irresponsible banking and neoliberal economic practices, the workshop was a timely opportunity for thinkers and economist to explore a new avenue of ethical and sustainable business culture.
On the first day, six speakers shared their experience and knowledge on how Buddhism and Buddhist inspired principles can inform healthy and wholesome business practices. The last session on the first day and the second day was devoted to brainstorming both in small groups and plenary sessions to draw a list of Buddhist inspired human principles which can be incorporated into business and entrepreneurial cultures.
“The workshop was successful beyond my expectations”, remarked Zoltan Valcsicsak, the convenor of the workshop who also worked the first international volunteer for the Loden Foundation in 2011. The Loden Foundation was an organizer of the workshop and its founding director Karma Phuntsho, who also teaches Buddhism and Bhutan Studies, took active part in the workshop and shared Loden’s entrepreneurship experience with the participants. The workshop will result in a short publication containing draft recommendations on how businesses can integrate Buddhist inspired values.