Through the voluntary programme, we also hope to encourage a meaningful exchange of knowledge/knowhow and a cultural experience.

Our general policy

1.The Loden Foundation generally encourages people to visit Bhutan and contribute to its socio-economic and cultural life.

2.As a general rule of thumb, we only accept volunteers to work for the Foundation if the overall value of their contribution through voluntary service/support is significantly higher than the total value of the tariff paid by the person if the person were to come as a tourist to Bhutan. As a matter of principle, we do not invite people with gratis visa if their contribution to Bhutan is not significantly higher than the costs of visiting Bhutan as a tourist.3.The Loden Foundation will endeavour to make the experience of the volunteer in Bhutan as enriching and rewarding as possible.4.The requirement of a volunteer is based on our annual work plan and the sudden needs of the foundation as determined by the directors.

5.The volunteer must agree to the terms and conditions set by the Loden Foundation in accordance with the laws of Bhutan.

6.The volunteer shall refrain from taking part in all forms of political activities and illegal practices.

7.Refrain from sharing restricted information about the organization without proper consent from concerned authority.

8.Respect the Loden Foundation’s terms on information sharing even after the voluntary service with Loden Foundation.

9.As part of our appreciation, the Loden Foundation shall provide a certificate to acknowledge the good works of the volunteer.

10.The volunteer will be listed among Loden’s Stalwarts if the volunteer continues to actively support and represent the Loden Foundation.

Period of service

1.Volunteers at our office are generally expected to work full time for at least for three continuous months except when the volunteer is being sought for a specific task which may take shorter duration, e.g. as a trainer for our LEP programme.

2.The directors will decide the duration of the service the volunteer will render.3.The Loden Foundation retains the right to exterminate the voluntary service as and when it wishes with two week’s notice.4.The volunteer can spend the non-office hours travelling, pursuing hobbies or participating in various activities but the volunteer must obtain a consent or approval of the Loden Foundation for any activities which may involve cultural or political sensitivity.

Education, experience and skills:

1.The volunteer/intern will need the qualifications as indicated in the relevant Terms of Reference.

2.The Loden Foundation will give preference to those with work experience in the relevant sector at a national or international level.3.The volunteer must have a good knowledge of the English language and be able to communicate effectively both in spoken and written forms.4.The volunteer will be literate in computers and be able to use basic computing programmes.

5.The volunteer must be a good team player and also capable of working independently.

6.The volunteer must be physically fit and able to live occasionally under poor living conditions.

7.The volunteer must be culturally sensitive, deferent and high adaptable.

Travel and accommodation:

1.The volunteer will meet all expenses incurred for travel to and from Bhutan and living expenses including food and accommodation while in Bhutan unless there is a compelling reason for the directors to cover part or whole of the costs.

2.Any costs incurred for travel within the country for work may be covered by the Loden Foundation at the local.3.The volunteer must have medical insurance for the duration of service in Bhutan although basic medical facilities are freely available in Bhutan.4.The Loden Foundation will arrange visa and other travel permits but any costs towards processing the documents shall be covered by the volunteer.

How to Apply:

You may kindly send your cover letter, CV and contact information to our Executive Director at . Your cover letter should tell us what inspired you to work for Loden, how long you intend to work, what specific contribution you think can be make to the organization along with other relevant information.

We look forward to working with you!