Understanding Culture, History and Religion of Bhutan

imageIn the second workshop held on 23 Feb 2014 by the Loden Foundation for tour guides, about 75 tour guides attended the day long talk and discussion conducted by Dr Karma Phuntsho, the founder of the Loden Foundation. “It is important for every Bhutanese to know our cultural and religious heritage” said Dr Phuntsho. “You are lucky to be in the profession in which you can combine your career with learning of your own culture”, he said. He also added that they are the face of Bhutan and the bridge between Bhutan and foreign visitors. The workshop ended with a site visit to the Memorial Chorten and Changangkha Temple, where Dr Karma Phuntsho explained the history and significance of the places.

The guides appreciated the day long training and asked the Loden Foundation to conduct more in the future for longer periods. The workshop was conducted free of costs and the participants thanked Dr Karma Phuntsho for spending his Sunday with them as a voluntary trainer. Ati Foundation provided the venue for free.