The zeal of sharing ideas and knowledge


Sangay Rinzin watches a participant throw golden ring taking part in a practical knowledge game.

The second day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Bhutan began with great zeal in the presenters and the participants at Tarayana Conference Hall in Thimphu today.  Discussing and sharing ideas on entrepreneurship, the main speaker, Sangay Rinzin, a visiting faculty at the College of Science and Technology, gave ran most of today’s sessions with much enthusiasm and energy.


His skills of inclusive and participatory session lighten up the moods of every one in the room. His way of presenting help us keep everything in mind. It is made easy to remember,” a participant said.


Q&A: a participant challenges the speaker with his questions and perspectives

As he took the participants through his introduction to entrepreneurship, he highlighted the weaknesses of Bhutanese entrepreneurial skills and qualities. “We need to figure out Bhutan’s entrepreneurial DNA,” he explained as he presented entrepreneurial DNAs of other countries such as India and Japan.

Other speaker Ugyen Lhendup, a faculty of Gaeddu College of Business, took the participants through a story of a vegetable vendor to illustrate that ethical business and building trust are the basics of doing business.

Meanwhile, the participants also shared their own experiences and discussed their business ideas, their ways of thinking creatively and their perceptions of entrepreneurship. “It was a platform where we can shape our business ideas,” said Tshering Dendup, who was a participating the week-long training.

Three loden women entrepreneurs also shared their experiences, ideas and wisdom on entrepreneurship in a panel discussion led by Hoang-Anh Thile in the evening.


Pushpa Chhetri, Bimla Rai, and Rinzy Tshomo: Three Loden women entrepreneurs sharing their experiences with the audience


The youths listening to the idea of ‘Creativity’










Also in Business School of Management and Techonology at Olakha, founder of Rural Education Foundation Mr. Karwang Yohzen talked to a gathering of youths about ‘Innovative and Creative Ideas,’ as a part of GEW week programme.