The Global Entrepreneurship Week concludes on the 18 of November, 2016

dsc_0168The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) concluded on the 18 of November, 2016. The event was graced by His Excellency The Prime Minister of Bhutan and Hon’ble Minster for Agriculture and Forest. The event was observed in around 160 countries across the world to inspire millions to engage in entrepreneurial activity and to create greater awareness on it. The Loden Foundation has been organizing the GEW since 2012 to help Bhutan join the global community to celebrate the week of entrepreneurship. This year the event was attended by more than 180 Bhutanese youths and aspiring entrepreneurs. The weeklong event was a platform for the youth and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the country to connect with other likeminded individuals, potential collaborators and mentors. Each dadsc_0046y there were programs of activities that introduced
the concept of entrepreneurship to beginners, sharing of ideas by pertinent officials and international entrepreneurs, promotion of social responsibilities and many more. In addition there were also panel discussions by eminent members at the end of each day that aimed to discuss the present environment for startups and
the current challenges faced by the Bhutanese entrepreneurs.

On the whole it was a great end to a successful week of learning, networking and boosting the confidence of aspiring entrepreneurs.