Dagana is considered one of the poorest districts despite its richness in natural resources. I wondered how that was possible and always tried to see how I can play my part to uplift the community of Dagana. So, I have been actively trying to come up with business ideas where I can first of all get employed myself and then be able to create employment for others and at the same time bring some economic benefit to the community. So, I got a break when I heard that Loden Foundation and UNICEF is leading entrepreneurship training for unemployed youth in Gelephu and that one winner can stand a chance to win Nu. 1 million interest and collateral free loan. I know this was my chance so I travelled to Gelephu to take part in the training and pitch my business idea to set up a local spice manufacturing plant in Dagana.

I was a bit nervous because I saw on Loden’s Facebook page that many others with business ideas were applying to compete for the final award. Fortunately, I was selected in the end and secured the loan amount. Today, my company – DAMU (Druk Adding Masala Unit) – is set up and I am able to contribute to the economy of the community and also I created 2 employments at the unit. I purchased eight metric tons of raw turmeric from the local farmers which made an income of Nu. 160, 000 to the farmers in 2019. Our objective is to substitute the imported spices from India and other parts of the world.

Narath Koirala

Druk Adding Masala Unit (DAMU)

This startup is funded through the Loden-UNICEF funding window.