The Loden Foundation is pleased to announce that we received a total of 271 detailed applications. Breaking down the numbers; 173 applicants for Loden RTC Scholarship, 82 applicants for Loden General Scholarship and 16 applicants for Loden Apprenticeship Programme.

We congratulate and invite the following shortlisted candidates below for the final interview round. We thank all the applicants for showing interest in this scholarship. Although we would have liked to support more students, we are limited by budget constraints.

Applicants were shortlisted based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic merit-based on Class X and XII results: Scores 1-5 (1 point for 40-50, 2 points for 51-60, 3 points for 61-70, 4 points for 71-80, and 5 points for 81-100 marks in Class X and the same for Class XII marks)
  2. Economic Need: Scores 1-5 for Economic Need (1-5 for parent’s income status and 1-5 for number of unemployed sibling status. Details can be made available)
  3. Choice of Subject: Scores 1-5 for subject choice (The scores for subjects are set by the Loden Board based on the need in the country. Details can be made available)
  4. Extracurricular activities: Scores 1-5 for extracurricular activities such as leadership, volunteerism, sports, culture and etc. based on documents submitted.

List of shortlisted candidates for Loden RTC Scholarship:

Sl. NoNameCourse SelectedPhone No
1Pema YangdonBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77342535
2Oma RaiBA. Mass Communication77324128
3Sonam ChokiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17676694
4Ajay LamaBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17694604
5Devoki RaiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77468913
6Sonam Wangchuk SherpaBSc. Environmental Mgt17880926
7Karma ChokiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77485135
8Cheni WangmoBBA/B.Com77406869
9Yeshi LhadonBA. Mass Communication77356669
10Phub GemBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17375672
11Phub GyeltshenBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77470034
12Dechen TamangBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17835810
13Bir Bahadur SubbaBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17418301
14Dechen DorjiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17340319
15Sonam ZangmoBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17721477
16Tshering DhendupBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17237172
17Dorji WangmoBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77472531
18Sherub LodayBSc. Environmental Mgt77478180
19Sandia ChhetriBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17683032
20Dechen PemBBA/B.Com17316798
21Pema Tashi WangmoB.A Anthropology17906043

List of shortlisted candidates for Loden General Scholarship:

SL. NoNameCourse SelectedPhone No
1KarchungMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)8801319045310
2Nalin PradhanBachelor of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering)77300501
3Ugyen LhadonMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)77694899
4Sonam WangmoMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)17314741
5Chonga LhamBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17621686
6Malian PradhanBSc. in Pharmacy77355052
7Phurba TamangBSc. Radiography and Imaging Technology17301832
8Phurpa DorjiMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)17613746
9Sonam Zangmo BSc. Nursing and Midwifery17721477
10Devoki RaiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77468913
11Karma ChokiMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)77485135
12Dechen DorjiBSc. Food Science17340319
13Chimi YangchenMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)77275499
14Namgyel WangchukBSc. Traditional Medicine17600462
15Yeshi PeldenMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)17485389
16Yangchen LhamoBSc. Forestry17705734
17Pema TenzinBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17905957
18Sangay ChodenBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17236922
19Dhanjit TamangBachelor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation17371487
20Ugyen TsheringBTech In Computer Science77335872
21Choki DorjiBA Computer Application17570958
22Yeezang Yeshi DelkarMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)77788395
23Sangay TenzinBSc. Forestry17482436
24Tashi PemBA Psychology17953087
25Jamyang Kinley PhuntshokBSc. Civil Engineering17619822
26Reeansha PradhanMBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)17160979
27Jampa DorjiBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17450374
28Tashi LhamoBSc. Nursing and Midwifery77434427
29Dechen PemBSc. Nursing and Midwifery17808504

List of shortlisted candidates for Loden Apprenticeship Programme:

Sl. NoNameCourse SelectedPhone No
1Tashi TsheringDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery17434459
2Phurpa LhamoDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery17942645
3Sonam ZangmoDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery17534231
4Kinzang LhamDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery77716052
5Phub GyemDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery17375672
6Tandin WangchukDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery77288089
7Karma DorjiDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery77633913
8Sangay Tshering LhamoDiploma in General Nursing and Midwifery17779636

The details of the interview round such as date, mode of interview and individual time slot will be communicated directly to the individual applicants. Shortlisted applicants must bring their original documents when coming for the interview.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact Programme Officer – Education (Mr Penchela) at 77195588 during office hours or email him at