The Loden Foundation is pleased to announce that we received 129 applications for the Loden General Scholarship and 12 applications for the Loden Apprenticeship Programme.

We congratulate and invite the following shortlisted candidates below for the final interview round. We thank all the applicants for showing interest in this scholarship. Although we would have liked to support more students, we are limited by budget constraints.

Applicants were shortlisted based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic merit based on Class X and XII results: Scores 1-10 (1 point for 40-50, 2 points for 51-60, 3 points for 61-70, 4 points for 71-80, and 5 points for 81-100 marks in Class X and the same for Class XII marks)
  2. Economic Need: Scores 1-10 for Economic Need (1-5 for parents income status and 1-5 for number of unemployed sibling status. Details can be made available)
  3. Choice of Subject: Scores 1-5 for subject choice (The scores for subjects is set by the Loden Board based on the need in the country. Details can be made available)
  4. Extracurricular activities: Scores 1-5 for extracurricular activities such as leadership, volunteerism, sports, culture and etc. based on documents submitted.

List of shortlisted candidates for Loden General Scholarship:

1Pema WangchukDrukgyel Central School
2Dawa ZangmoJigme Sherabling Central School
3Sonam YangdoenPelkhil Higher Secondary School
4Tshering LhadenJigme Sherabling Centre School
5Sonam ChophelLhuentse Higher Secondary School
6Singay LhamNima Higher Secondary School
7Sonam YudenKarmaling Higher Secondary School
8Januka GhalleySamtse Higher Secondary School
9Tshultrim Yeshi LhendupJigme Sherabling Central School
10Vishal PradhanMotithang Higher Secondary School
11Kinley BidhaSamtse Higher Secondary School
12Phurba TamangDamphu Central School
13Tshering LhendupYonten Kuenjung Acadamy
14Sonam ChokiSamtse Higher Secondary School
15Pushpa GhalleyMotithang Higher Secondary School
16Phuntsho WangdiPelkhil Higher Secondary School

List of shortlisted candidates for Loden Apprenticeship Programme:

Sl. NoNameSchool
1Tashi TsheringKarmaling Higher Secondary School
2Ugyen LhendupLosel Gyatsho Acadamy
3Ngawang ChodenMotithang Higher Secondary School
4Samera GurungMotithang Higher Secondary School
5Devika GurungKarma Academy
6Pema TobgayGyelpozhing Higher Secondary School
7Sangay LhadenKelki Higher Secondary School
8Sushmita PradhanPhunstholing Higher Secondary School

The details of the interview round such as date, mode of interview and individual time slot will be communicated directly to the individual applicants. Shortlisted applicants must bring their original documents when coming for the interview.

For any inquiries or clarifications, please contact Programme Officer – Education (Mr Penchela) at 7719-5588 during office hours or email him at