Shortlisted applicants for the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants

The Loden Foundation is happy to announce the shortlisted candidates for the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants. The following shortlisted applicants are requested to attend the final interview at Loden’s office or virtually, whichever is convenient.

The interview date is scheduled on 24th to 25th February 2021.

Category 1: Food Security and Supply Chain

Sl. NoApplicant NameBusiness Name
1Ugyen WangchukMerak Lanor Project
2Kamana GurungP.K Organic Farming
3Sonam TsheringRural-Youth in Contract Farming
4Am Prasad GimirayTsirang Organic Green Chilli Farm
5UgyenBhutan Tea & Coffee
6Tashi DhendupAgriculture Entrepreneur Center
7Ugyen TsheringYour Food Basket
8Kinley MoKinleymo Horticulture
9Bikash Gurung & FriendCooperative Farming
10Thinley NamgayDruk Meto


Category 2: Digital Platform System

Sl. NoApplicant NameBusiness Name
1Kinley WangchukAzhapasa
2Tshering Kibu and Pema NamgayLasla