Ngawang is a young exuberant girl, from Shingkhar in Bumthang. She graduated from Motithang Higher Secondary School with a diploma in commerce. Her elder brother, who is only two years older than her, took upon the responsibility to raise her after their single mother passed away. She could not seek support from her father who had been absent from her life since she was 3 years old. Despite the hardships she had to face at a very young age, Ngawang is an avid learner determined to get back on her feet. Throughout her academic years, she demonstrated excellent involvement in co-curricular activities especially revolving around leadership. Her academic and co-curricular achievements earned her the Best Student award at Zilukha Middle Secondary School in 2017. Ngawang has always had a strong passion to study nursing however, since she could not take up Science during her higher education she had to put her dream on hold. Nevertheless, with the recent change in policy that allows Arts and Commerce students to also pursue nursing courses, Ngawang is thrilled to finally be on track to pursue a degree in Nursing & Midwifery as a Loden Scholar.