Dawa is from a small village of Jonla in Trashigang and a graduate from Jigme Sherubling Central School. She is an exuberant young girl who excelled in her academics and demonstrated active volunteerism and involvement in co-curricular activities. She was a recipient of His Majesty’s Certificate of Excellence in 2018. Her father works hard in the fields during summer and autumn, and then at construction sites during winter to garner just enough money to send Dawa and her siblings to school. Her eldest brother is a driver with a family of his own to care for and her elder sister is a housewife – both struggling to make ends meet.

Although Dawa received a half-scholarship Assistance to Privately Enrolled Medical Students (APEMS), she had no other source of income or financial support to cover the rest of the cost. Today, with the help of the Loden Scholarship, she is able to go for her undergraduate studies and become an aspiring doctor.