Pascal on New Business Models

pascalAs part of Loden Entrepreneurship Programme, the Loden Foundation and Thimphu TechPark organized a two-hour talk on ‘New Business Models’, a topic which is being increasingly sought after by entrepreneurs, by Pascal Cagni, a prominent international business leader and investor best known for his management of Apple’s European business from 2000 to 2012.

During his talk, Pascal talked about how the digital revolution has made it much easier to start world impacting businesses. Through the digital revolution, entrepreneurs are shaking up entire industries such as transportation, food and healthcare. This phenomenon is a unique chance for Bhutan and Bhutanese entrepreneurs to a positively global impact.

This conference was an attempt to inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs. Even more importantly, due to changing times and fast technology advancement creating lot of new business avenues, adapting to new business models has become necessary. Furthermore, in a small society like Bhutan, role models play a huge role from where they could learn fresh insights. The talk is aimed at familiarizing Bhutanese entrepreneurs on the new business models that are relevant to Bhutanese context.

It was an enriching and educational talk for which there was overwhelming turnout of 150 participants.