Loden’s first ever networking picnic

Loden celebrated their first ever picnic on the 20 of May, 2016 in the botanical garden in Thimphu. The board members, the management team and about 40 entrepreneurs along with representatives from relevant stakeholders joined together to celebrate the day. It was heartening to see that there were entrepreneurs who had travelled from places as far as Mongar and Trashingang, to be part of the gathering. These are places that are located in the eastern parts of Bhutan and requires two days of travelling to reach Thimphu.

picThe entrepreneurs spent their time discussing among themselves the issues and challenges that they face and shared ideas, collaboration opportunities on the possibilities of improving entrepreneurship in Bhutan. The later part of the day was spent in recreational activities where all of the invitees took part with a lot of enthusiasm. Apart from being a festive event, the picnic was immensely successful in creating a platform for the entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, suggestions and reinforce the unity among the entrepreneurs. Loden wants to organize similar events in the future.