Loden supports ten more exciting start-ups in spring

The fervour of entrepreneurship is growing in Bhutan. There is a movement of young people exploring opportunities to become self-employed and create employment for other youth rather than looking for the limited jobs available.

Until last year, Loden funded 143 businesses, which created over 715 jobs in various sectors including agriculture, environment, technology, tourism, traditional crafts, fashion, education, well-being and health. You can find some stories of the entrepreneurs in Made in Bhutan: Entrepreneur Stories. Pre-order the book HERE.

Today, we are thrilled to add ten more exciting entrepreneurial ventures to our list of Loden Entrepreneurs.

While we offer our Tashidelek and congratulations to the ten new entrepreneurs and hope they will become successful entrepreneurs and inspiration to young people, we also wish to thank our supporters for making this happen.

Here are the new Loden entrepreneurs: