Every Druk Tshongrig Gatoen – DTG, we look forward to the Best Loden Entrepreneur Award. This year, we are proud to confer the award to Tashi Dhendup Dorji, founder of the Laykha Dairy Delights!

Tashi Dhendup Dorji has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has a lifelong passion for manufacturing and entrepreneurship. In 2019, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding Laykha Dairy Delights.

Laykha Dairy Delights is Bhutan’s pioneer in offering flavoured yoghurt in innovative ‘spout pouch’ packaging. Motivated by his desire to introduce locally produced products that rival, if not surpass, imported alternatives for the Bhutanese community, Tashi remains dedicated to this vision. He aspires to create a unique workplace marked by inclusivity, fostering an environment where individuals can learn, develop, and achieve their aspirations.

Through Laykha Dairy Delights, Tashi aims to demonstrate that Bhutanese entrepreneurs can produce exceptional, delectable products. Tashi’s remarkable efforts led to him being honoured with the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020. In the subsequent year, 2021, Laykha Dairy Delights was recognized with the prestigious Best Trademark award.

Should Laykha Dairy Delights succeed, Tashi’s overarching objective is to establish additional small-scale manufacturing facilities, thereby enhancing Bhutan’s self-sufficiency and eventually expanding the export of high-quality Bhutanese products. Tashi’s ultimate aim is to facilitate the realization of dreams for aspiring entrepreneurs while also giving back to the community and the nation.

This award is also to encourage the Loden entrepreneurs to create social impact and timely loan repayments, as the recuperated funds can then become available for other aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their hopes and dreams.

A cash prize of BTN 200,000 was also awarded with the support of Society Switzerland Bhutan