I was raised in Sakteng, a secluded village in eastern Bhutan, where the prospect of education felt more like a distant aspiration than an assured reality. Despite my humble background, my parents made substantial sacrifices to ensure I received an education, hoping I’d achieve what they couldn’t. However, after completing high school in 2017, my dreams of getting into a government college were shattered when no admission offers came my way. Considering all my parents had sacrificed for my education, it was a heavy blow.

Hope rekindled when I applied for scholarships, but disappointment followed as those doors closed. Just when it seemed bleak, the Loden Foundation emerged as a beacon of hope. However, being in a remote area with only solar-powered phone charging and unpredictable weather made it hard to stay updated on my application’s progress.

One fateful evening, amidst the preparation for the seasonal migration of our cattle, I received news from Loden that I was shortlisted. The interview posed a unique challenge, conducted from a remote location miles away from the capital city. Hindered by poor connectivity, the video call became even more demanding as rain intermittently disrupted the already fragile internet. Due to poor connectivity, the video call turned into a challenge as rain disrupted the already weak internet. I persevered through the interview, moving from a poorly lit hut to the pasture land surrounded by bellowing cattle with their bells clattering, finally finishing the interview over the phone. It was a humbling and unforgettable experience.

The turning point came on June 18, 2018, when I received a life-changing call confirming my selection for the scholarship. The joyous celebration with my relieved and proud family remains in my memory. My parents put their best culinary skills into preparing the most memorable celebratory meal for me. How grand the moment! How life-changing the occasion! With Loden’s support, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management at the esteemed Royal Thimphu College, graduating in 2021. After graduation, I followed my childhood dream of joining the Royal Bhutan Police.

Today, as the first Lieutenant from my village, Sakteng, I’m determined to inspire young minds in my town.

Life seldom goes as planned, but perseverance pays off. Loden Foundation was my beacon in dark times, shaping my destiny and empowering me to fulfill my dreams. Dr. Karma Phuntsho’s unwavering support is ingrained in my heart, and I can’t thank him and the Foundation enough for their generosity and guidance. Their impact on my life surpasses words.

I’ve pledged to pay forward Loden’s kindness, aiming to support others as I’ve been supported. I want to contribute to the Foundation’s future endeavours, ensuring that their legacy lives on in the lives they’ve touched, including mine.