Greener Way gets waste collection contract

Thrompon and Greener Way signs the contract

Garbage: Greener Way has secured the contract to collect and dispose waste from Thimphu Thromde’s south and central zones starting January 1.

One of the main objectives of outsourcing solid waste collection and disposal to private entrepreneurs is to minimise the financial burden on the government. Thimphu Thromde spends approximately Nu 13 million for waste collection every year.

Thromde will collect a minimal waste collection fee from the Thimphu residents. The Thromde worked out the fee payable by different residential entities. The fee structure has been submitted to finance ministry for approval.

Thromde will collect Nu 50 per residential and business unit every month. For business unites fee ranges from Nu 300 to 3,000. Likewise, Nu 200 will be collected from the institutions every month.

Thromde will give Nu 1 million from the collected fees every month to Greener Way.

Out of the three private bidders, Greener Way secured the contract because of viable technical proposal it submitted to the thromde.

Greener Way bid for all the three zones – north, central and south. However, the thromde allows only two zones per bidder. That’s why Greener Way was given south and central of the thromde.

Yeshi Wangdi, head of solid waste of Thimphu thromde, said that the main objective of setting the criteria of two zones was to encourage more private participation.

Waste collection in North Thimphu will be done by the thromde until suitable private candidates are found after refloating the tender.

Thrompon Kinley Dorji said: “If no private individuals turn up during the re-tender, we will review how Greener Way is performing and we may give the north zone to Greener Way. Based on its performance, that is.”

Subash Sharma, business strategist with Greener Way, said: “We have computed technically the timing and frequency of waste collection by analysing effective collection routes using GIS (geographic information system). However, we will integrate ground realities and technical analysis for the first few months with public consultation.”

According to Greener Way, the overall objective of this project is to divert all wastes going to Memelakha. Dry or recyclable waste will be disposed at transfer station of Greener Way and the organic and kitchen waste will be taken to composting plant at Serbithang.

Greener Way’s strategy is to focus on convenience of the households regarding the timing and frequency of waste collection.

“We have also established a Feedback Cell with dedicated customer service team to improve our service quality,” said Subash Sharma.

Out of 19 waste collection trucks that the thromde has, 13 will be given to Greener Way on lease.


By Dechen Tshomo’ Source Kuensel.