Fire female bird sets in motion

As we all await, perhaps, with excitement, for Fire Female Bird Year to finally set into motion, Loden family would like to take this special moment to share with you our Losar report (Loden’s latest bi-annual Newsletter). This is the 10th issue, all of which we hope have helped to keep you updated on our achievements and plans for the near future.

We hope you would continue to remain on board with us as we continue to work with renewed dedication to serving the Bhutanese society by empowering youth through education and social entrepreneurship, and to promote Bhutan’s culture and tradition to the wider sections of society.

We would appreciate to receive feedbacks, if any, so that we could keep our website and Facebook page up to date. If you are interested in contributing to the growth of the foundation, please go to the ‘Donate Page’ on our website ( or write to (or)

May the Fire Female Bird bring you continued health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Losar and Tashi Delek!