Final result of the Loden Scholarship 2020

Loden Foundation is happy to announce final results of the Loden Scholarship 2020 after the interview round held on Monday 29 June, 2020.

We congratulate the 8 students who are selected this year, and would also like to thank all other applicants who impressed the panel of judges at the interview round. Although we would have liked to select more, we can only support 8 students this year based on the availability of funds.

The final selection was based on following criteria by a panel of judges comprising from representative from Department of Adult and Higher Education under Ministry of Education, representative from Royal Thimphu College and a representative each from Loden’s management team and board of trustees:

  1. Understanding of the proposed course (5 points)
  2. Personal ambition (5 points)
  3. Ability to justify economic need (5 points)
  4. General knowledge (5 points)
  5. Communication skills (5 points)

List of selected students:

Sl NoNameSchoolCourseCollege/Country
1Pema TobgyalJakar HSS, Bumthang, BSc Nursing Royal Thimphu College
2Kinley WangmoGelephu HSS, Sarpang MBBS Kelaniya University,Sri Lanka
3Kaushila Thapa Drukjejang CS, DaganaBSc Nursing Royal Thimphu College
4Dorji P WangmoShari HSS, ParoMBBS Kelaniya University,Sri Lanka
5Sonam ChokiDrukgyel CS, ParoMBBS Bangladesh
6KhanduPunakha CS, PunakhaBSc NursingRoyal Thimphu College
7Yeshi JamtshoDrukgyel CS, ParoMBBS Bangladesh
8Chado WangmoUgyen Academy, PunakhaMBBS University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

The selected students will be contacted for further instructions. Please contact Mr. Penchela at 7719-5588 for any questions or clarifications.