Yangchen Dema

DPR for Tara Dolma Noodles

Ms. Yangchen Dema is a native of Chumey who had to give up her studies when she was in Primary School because of difficult circumstances at home after her mother expired. She studied up to the 5th standard and she has basic literary & arithmetical skills. She was a born entrepreneur and has acute business acumen. She managed and operated the Milk Group Cooperative in Chumey for more than three years and she has operated her own business for over four years. She is currently operating a general shop and a grocery in Chumey town. She has been producing Bumthang Jangpali and Puta for many years at home and selling to her clients with huge success. She has supplied these products made at home to clients in Bumthang, Thimphu, Gelephu and other Dzongkhags. 

“Tara Dema Foods” will be established to produce a range of authentic high quality traditional Bumthang noodles (Jangpali and Puta) which are currently not widely available in other parts of Bhutan despite their popularity and health benefits.

The factory will produce quality processed noodles made from locally produced flour of buckwheat and barley, the traditional crops of Bumthang valley.

Contact Information

  • 17790042
  • ydems2020@gmail.com