Tshering Choki

Sernya Water

Tshering is Bhutan’s first Medical Anthropologist holding a MSc from University College of London. During her service at the JDWNRH psychiatric ward, she found that many of the health problems were easily preventable by addressing issues such as sanitation and ensuring cheap and accessible clean drinking water. In order to take some load off the healthcare system, Tshering launched a franchise called Sernya Water.

Sernya Water is keen on mitigating waterborne illness and pollution from plastic bottles by establishing a franchise of drinking water refill stations in various shops in Thimphu. Converting individuals to this method of accessing drinking water will divert up to 1.73 million 1.5l plastic bottles from Bhutan’s environment and waste management facilities each year, whilst ensuring safe and clean drinking water.

Contact Information

  • 77615224
  • tchokie011@gmail.com