Tempa Tshering

Soya Healthy Diet

Tempa studied arts stream with economics for two years which broadened his business perspective. Attending a month-long training on Processing and Value Addition of Agriculture Commodities by the National Post Harvest Centre in Paro further promote the idea of starting a business. Attending Loden SEED training organized in Punakha gave further insight for him.

The proposed project will produce value-added soya bean product which is the first of its kind in Bhutan. The Soya Healthy Diet will make different products (such as soya milk, tofu, desserts, and yogurt) from soya beans aims to reach wide range of customers. The firm will supply the products to boarding schools to supplement the essential nutrient for the student. Moreover, these products provides a better alternatives to meat and dairy products holding good grip on latest trend of shifting dietary towards vegetarian. This business will help to address problems of increasing number of cultivable land left fallow. And will act as a model farm to train farmers in modern and organic farming.

Contact Information

  • 77200237
  • tempatshering508@gmail.com