Tashi Phuntsho

Thunder Detergent Powder

Tashi obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree, worked as an accountant at a Hydropower Station, as a marketing assistant at Drangchu Beverage, and for six months at the Ariel Detergent Manufacturing unit in Delhi (Ghaziabad).

Thunder Detergent Powder is a commercial detergent and phenyl manufacturing unit that will be established in Chukha’s Tsimsham village, Jabcho Gewog. Tashi’s goal is to create chemical-free detergent powder and phenyl, which will aid in conserving aquatic life. Because of the increasing number of customers entering the targeted market segment, Thunder Detergent Powder has the potential for market expansion in the present and future.

The company intends to sell high-quality detergent products using the ‘Price Penetration Method.’

Contact Information

  • 17333463
  • tashiphuntsho94@gmail.com