Sonam Norbu

Tsal Parkour Gym

Tsal Parkour Gym is the country’s first gym to focus on athletic skills fitness rather than fitness for aesthetic reasons. Tsal will offer a variety of classes, ranging from generalized fitness classes focusing on Parkour-related athletic skills (flips, jumps, acrobatic moves, climbing, swinging) to highly specialized one-on-one coaching to develop an individual’s peak physical ability.

Sonam Norbu, 28, is popularly known as Bhutanese Parkour in the media and social media. Sonam Norbu is Bhutan’s first celebrity in the sport of “Parkour,” in which participants move from one location to another, typically in an urban setting, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Sonam Norbu’s knowledge and practice of Parkour have also allowed him to work as a stuntman in over 13 notable Bhutanese and Indian films. He also represented Bhutan at the first-ever FIG Parkour World Championships in Tokyo.

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