Sangay Penjor

Traditional Bhutanese Dry Cheese Production

Inspired by his father, who received our interest and collateral-free loan in 2015 to start an asparagus production farm, Sangay is now a second-generation entrepreneur in our community. Sangay completed education at his high school but could not pursue further education. However, we worked under the supervision of his father and it was at this time we also discovered that this had been the first he had heard of the word ‘entrepreneur.’ Sangay is on his way to become a premier producer of high quality and tasty chogos (Dry Hard Cheese) from Bumthang.

Sangay’s business is supported through the Loden-SSB Fund. SSB or Society Switzerland Bhutan is a Swiss association with a mission to encourage social, charitable, ecological, cultural, and other philanthropic projects in Bhutan.

Contact Information

  • 16914464