Loday Wangmo

Zangden's Flowers

Loday’s flower business will cater to the décor needs of the community through products such as artificial flowers and bouquets and will recycle waste to produce baskets and vases. She hopes to fill the need for decoration items in homes, offices, restaurant and hotels. Taking into account the increasing amount of waste and lack of innovation in waste management, Loday came up with the idea of using waste material to produce decorative items.

Loday underwent the training for tailoring and recycling waste management provided by RENEW and UNDP Bhutan.

Loday is supported through the Loden-UNDP COVID-19 Response Fund II that was targeted to provide livelihood skills and business support to vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a joint initiative between Loden Foundation, UNDP Bhutan, Bhutan YDF, and RENEW.

Contact Information

  • 77280168
  • wangmoloday2017@gmail.com