Kuenzang Norbu

Kuenzang Norbu Audio-Visual

Kuenzang Norbu initially started his journey with Loden as a Loden Scholar. After attaining his Business Degree Business Degree from Chandigarh University in India. He worked in the Media and Marketing Department with Paro FC football club and as a content Manager with Samuh Bhutan. Although employed, his passion for videography and photography allowed him to take on part time gigs to produce audio visual content. 

With minimal equipment and editing tools, Kuenzang Norbu Audio-Visual has already gained significant  visibility in the market. It has a demonstrated history of producing quality audio-visual content. Kuenzang now intends to scale up our production capacity by setting up a studio in Thimphu, which gives an edge over competitors and to provide an opportunity to hire emerging talented youth with videography and photography skills. Kuenzang Norbu Audio-Visual will focus on production  of audio-visual content including weddings, events, music videos, documentary, ads and photography.

Contact Information

  • 77309352
  • kuenzangnorbu805@gmail.com