Kinley Wangchuk

Azha Pasa

Kinley Wangchuk, popularly known as Gangchu, started his career as an engineer. At 27, he resigned from a government job to start his own business. Today he runs multiple businesses, one of which is Azha Pasa – an online platform that provides services such as vegetable delivery, waste collection, etc. Through the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants, Kinley will develop a robust data/digital platform that can help farmers understand the real-time market availability, demand of specific crops and food items, and create linkages for both farmers and markets. Such a system will ensure effective linkages between producers and consumers and reduce waste of valuable agriculture produce. Kinley’s team will build both an app and an online web version of the platform.

This project is funded through the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants, with the generous support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development in partnership with the Bhutan Foundation.

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