Kamana Gurung

PK Organic Farming

Kamana Gurung is the proud owner of P.K Organic Farm, which is named after her son. P.K Organic Farm is one of the leading organic farms in Sarpang, and has been supplying vegetables to many other dzongkhags. Due to challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Kamana realised the need to re-strategize for the future. With support from the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants, she plans to set up a processing plant to preserve the seasonal excess vegetables and supply vegetables throughout the year. The processing service will be provided to all farmers in Sarpang and will bring about tremendous savings for them.

“My life is my field, my love is my field. I got this inspiration from my parents whose whole life is devoted to the field of agriculture. I take care of my crops like my child.”
– Kamana Gurung

This project is funded through the Loden-Bhutan Foundation Covid-19 Response Grants, with the generous support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development in partnership with the Bhutan Foundation.

Contact Information

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