Jamyang Dorji

Druk Brush (Home Décor)

Mr. Jamyang Dorji has a qualification  in B.Tech – C.E. Some of his past  projects include Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary Paro, Terton Gallery, and two five storied buildings at Thimphu and some residential buildings so far and he is interested in improving and upgrading the service.

The business Druk Brush (Home & Décor) is registered under the construction development board as Specialised Firm (Painting) and Build Bhutan Project. The business provides building wall painting and wood polishing work and professional service as demanded by customers, ensuring workable and safe environments for the user. As it requires lots of manpower, it creates job opportunities and does not require much physical strength, it triggers opportunities for women and financially disadvantaged youth, we are providing services at Thimphu for the startup period. To substitute foreign workers and service they provide in the construction sector, our Services will be providing painting and polishing service using the latest machinery and providing professional service. 

Contact Information

  • 77478813
  • jamyang8660@gmail.com