Deki Wangmo

Buddha Tyre

‘I didn’t want to stay at home, doing nothing. That’s why I started my business of tyre repair shop. My family didn’t support me. My father would say; ‘Only men can do this job!’. When I opened my shop I didn’t know which kind of tyre would sell faster or what kind of tyre was good or bad. I had to learn all these things by myself. I learned a lot. We have to start a business so that men can’t dominate us, so that we can do things by ourselves. When I was nominated as the women entrepreneur of the year by the Prince’s Trust Youth Business International in 2003. I thought it was a joke. I couldn’t believe I had to go to London. I t was like a movie. Before I started my Business, I was known by no one. But now I am known by everyone.” She has now sold her tyre retreading business and started a mushroom farm and an orchard in Gedu. Thanks to her entrepreneurial drive and spirit, her commitment and focus, and new venture will thrive.

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